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Legal Disclaimer

The Spy Mobile Phone Software is a smart spyware program designed for the protection of children. The software is designed with purpose to protect children from making wrong use of the mobile. The software will provide children a healthy means of protection and give meaning and differentiation.

Before buying the Spy Mobile Software, it is important to look at the spy mobile software price model. This will give you the idea of the appropriate price and also the software version.  Since there are different versions of spy software available, having an idea about Spy Mobile Phone software prices will bring all the change.

The Spy Mobile Phone Software has been strictly designed with the simple objective to keep a close watch on the mobile activities of your kid and nothing more. The software will not hurt feelings of your child in any way or by any means.

Following Terms and Conditions Should be addressed:

Permission is Necessary – Before installing and/or using the software into the mobile, it is very important that you get the permission of your family member, or any other matured individual. is not responsible for the misuse of any product/service. No lawsuits refunds can be asked under any condition.

Owe the Personal Responsibility/Liability – You will be responsible for any damage caused as the result of use of software.

No Violation of Company Laws – We have stringent laws for telecommunication. The laws should not be broken for the personal benefits under any situation.

NB: If you do not agree to above Terms and Conditions in full, do not use the Spy Mobile Phone software on your mobile.